The FIFA World Cup has sports greatest stories, who better to tell these stories than the World Cup heroes themselves?
Football fans demand authentic, non-scripted stories. Real accounts, from real people that allow them to connect on a very human level with the game. The “Connect with Greatness” campaign featured iconic World Cup moments, retold by legends to build excitement around the World Cup and create brand love for SuperSport.

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™
for SuperSport + DStv + DStv Africa + MultiChoice Africa  Limited
Concept by: T+W Moving Pictures
Creative Design: Bheki Bandla
Design Lead: Bheki Bandla
Design for print: Bheki Bandla, Waheed Nagia, Shelagh Guest, Nick, Beverly Field, Barta Stankovic
Production: Caron Bosman
Business Operations / Client relations: Nandi Dlhepu, Warwick Austin, Caron Bosman
Motion Graphics Design: Bheki Bandla
Motion Graphics Animation:Ntsako Radebe +  Tbone Mapukata for maintenance 
CD /  Copy Writer: Francois Delport
Executive Creative Director / CEO: Gareth Whittaker 

Known officially as the SuperSport FIFA World Cup Stories  - the series was flmed in Johannesburg, Lagos, London, Chester, Sittard and Santos – making it a truly global production.

For FIFA Stories
Director: Greg Lomas +Lauren Chengan
Title Design: Bheki Bandla
Editor: Quean Greoenewald, Chad Pop, Ntsako Radebe, Gino Shelile
Business Operations / Client relations: Warwick Austin, Nandi Dlephu, Caron Bosman
Executive Creative Director / CEO: Gareth Whittaker 
Sound Design: Sean Jeffreys, Mathibela Chokoe

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FIFA Stories
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